This Girl Can VIC 

This Girl Can – Victoria is an empowering campaign from VicHealth, based on Sport England’s highly successful This Girl Can campaign (which motivated a whopping 3.9 million women in England to take their fitness into their own hands). After seeing the impact there, the VicHealth team was inspired to get involved – and now, Australia is the first country in the world to license this powerful campaign.

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  • Gippy Girls Can is first and foremost a social media movement encouraging Gippsland women and girls over the age of 18 to get active and celebrate women participating in physical activity together. Programs scheduled as Gippy Girls Can support the campaign by providing the opportunity for women and girls in Gippsland to get involved in physical activity.

    GippSport is funded through VicHealth Regional Sport Program to partner with local sporting clubs and associations, and community organisations to roll opportunities under the Gippy Girls Can campaign. GippSport is the link between the activity, the sporting clubs and associations, the community groups, the participants, and the campaign to bring it all together to create the Gippy Girls Can community.  

    GippSport will be seeking to work with the community to increase opportunities for women and girls to participate in a range of sports and active recreation options throughout the campaign. GippSport supports local sporting clubs and associations, and community groups to host Gippy Girls Can programs and events.

    Brought to Gippsland by #ThisGirlCanVIC – VicHealth
  • Show your support and tell people ‘We are proud to support and celebrating everyday women being active, regardless of their body shape, size or how red and sweaty their face gets.’
    We want #GippyGirlsCan & #ThisGirlCanVIC to reach as many Gippsland women as possible and we’re hoping you can help us spread the word. You can get involved by sharing our post with your networks on your social media channels, and by sharing your own posts with the hashtag #GippyGirlsCan & #ThisGirlCanVIC.
  • This Girl Can – Victoria is a celebration of women being physically active – no matter how they look, how good they are, or how sweaty they get.
    #ThisGirlCanVIC is more than just a physical activity campaign. It’s about empowering women to be comfortable in their bodies and in public spaces. Women should be able to be active whenever, wherever and however they choose, without being judged for how they look. When we break down these barriers, it not only addresses gender inequality – it has a wider positive impact on the whole community, too.