Empowering Through Action: Belinda's Journey to Active Lifestyle, Motherhood, and Community Impact

Meet Belinda, a powerhouse of motivation and commitment. She’s not just an advocate for an active lifestyle; she’s living it!

For Belinda, empowering others to be active is more than a mission; it’s her passion. She creates spaces where women and girls can not only participate in social sports but also find joy in being active

“I feel happy that I can provide a space for women and girls to participate in social sports and also be involved in it as well,” Belinda shared with enthusiasm.

Being a mom to a toddler, Belinda understands the challenges of juggling motherhood and fitness. Yet, she’s found her way, making commitments like delivering GO Soccer Mums sessions. It’s these commitments that drive her, coupled with the social connections and the incredible feeling after a good workout.

“I don’t put too much pressure on myself; I focus on achieving one or two things a week and do that consistently before adding more activities and communicating with my partner,” she wisely states.

Apart from her role in GO Soccer Mums, Belinda incorporates weight training and yoga into her routine. And she’s not stopping there; she has her eyes set on more walking and jogging adventures.

Belinda’s journey is a testament to dedication, balance, and the sheer joy of being active. Her story inspires us all to prioritize our well-being and find our own path to fitness.