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Local Government Area: Bass Coast

Jess, 37 years old who describes herself as a plus-size woman and supporter of the HAES movement and body positivity movement. From a young age, Jess grew up playing netball and hockey. At the young age of 21, she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after several years of being unwell during this time Jess found it difficult to maintain a routine at the gym. An appreciation of nature and the outdoor Jess has always enjoyed bushwalking and hiking and found that being in nature always soothing. Jess has a dedicated passion to make the outdoors accessible to everyone to receive the benefits of nature. Jess is a Gippsland Leader for Escaping Your Comfort Zone, a women’s and non-binary folks adventure group. Give Jess a follow on Instagram as she documents her walks @walking_with_jess

Why would you like to be a GGC ambassador?

I’m passionate about making the outdoors accessible to everyone and the benefits of nature.

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