TGCW Latrobe

This Girl Can Week in Latrobe City

Get ready for a week of inspiration, friendship, and active empowerment as we celebrate This Girl Can Week in Latrobe! From October 9 to 15, women of all shapes, sizes, and abilities are invited to join hands and hearts in a movement that’s all about embracing an active lifestyle without fear of judgment.

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Stories from our Gippy Girls from Latrobe

Gippy Girls Netball: Rewriting Age and Sport Boundaries

The Gippy Girls The Gippy Girls Netball team is living proof that age shouldn’t be a roadblock to following your sports dreams. Gippy Girls netball squad is made up of 17 amazing Gippy Girls, aged between 64 and 79, who prove that strength and sportsmanship don’t depend on your age.

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