Managing Your Privacy on Strava

Nothing is more important than the safety of our Gippy Girl community.

Strava is special in that you can record activities anywhere in the world and connect with like minded people along the way. One of the ways that Strava keep you exercising is by using accountability — the ability to share your workouts with friends so you can urge each other onward — but wanting to share with your pals is different than wanting to share with an app developer or some anonymous marketer.

If you are concerned about someone knowing where you are, where you ran or where you live, Strava have got the tools to help you take control and we will show you how.

Privacy Level That’s Right for You
The simple level is to choose to not use any privacy controls and make your info available publicly, like it would be on Twitter. If you prefer a higher level of privacy, you can choose greater privacy to add additional controls. This allows you to manage who can follow you and see certain profile details. You can learn more here.

Or pehaps you’d like to chose the highest level of privacy. Choosing to make your actvites private, means you will be the only person who can see this activity on Strava. Learn more about making your activities private here.

More Control on Strava

  1. Profile Page
    Set your profile privacy control to Everyone or followers depending on your choice of privacy

  2. Add Privacy Zones
    A privacy zone will hide the portion of your activity that starts or ends in your zone from everyone. If you don’t want anyone to know where you live or work for example, you can set up a privacy zone 200m-1km. Learn more here.
  1. Metro and Heatmap
    Metro and Heatmap use and display combined data about where Strava members have recorded activities. They do not include activities, or portions of activities, marked private by Strava members. To Learn more.

  2. Flybys
    Flyby is a Strava Labs tool that lets you playback your activity, as well as those near you, on a map and timeline. If you do not want other people to see your activities that appear in Flybys, you can change this in your flybys settings.

  3. Group Activity Privacy
    The social experience is part of what makes Strava a motivating, fun and engaging app. This feature detects if members= record activities together. When this happens, your activities are grouped and displayed according to your choice. Learn More.

  4. Hide Activities From Leaderboards
    Activities with this setting allowed will not appear on public leaderboards. If you’ve chosen to join a challenge, your activities will appear on public challenge leaderboards. You can avoid this by not participating in challenges.
  5. Training Log
    By default, your training log is private. You can make this public if you’d like to share with your friends.

  6. Sharing my activities with my followers
    Strava occasionally sends emails and push notifications to your followers to share your recent activities with them. If you would prefer that Strava not send these notifications, you can opt-out in your settings.

Now How to Find Your Privacy Setting

Accessing your privacy settings is simple. On your computer, you click ‘setting’ in the dropdown under your profile photo then select ‘privacy’ in the menu on the left of the screen. From the mobile app click profile, cog wheel in right hand corner, select “privacy controls”

For further information on Strava Privacy please visit:

If you require further support on your privacy settings or have general questions on Strava don’t hesitate to contact the Gippy Girls Team

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