• Classes & Challenges

    Our team is able to bring activities to a group and help facilitate, including Stretching – Low Impact Exercise – Yoga – Meditation– Breathing

  • Exercises

    High Intensity. Another option is an activity challenge designed within the scope of your employees and the current restrictions. Eg, a steps challenge or exercises checklist. These can be delivered via virtual platform.

  • Informational Approach

    Includes, A steering role on your Health and wellbeing committee, Educational sessions for your employee on nutrition & activity, and upskilling your employees to deliver their own activity sessions.

Our team understands that sometimes you need an environmental change to be active, and are happy to be the connecting link to facilities and classes that you might want to try outside of our abilities.

Get in touch with our Make Your Move team to learn more on what activities can be provided, and start discussing your ideas to get your workplace and children making their move.

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